Welcome to scenic Dangertown!

Dangertown is a 5e Dungeons & Dragons Real-Play podcast, starring Noah Diamond, Bethany Martin, Scott Seagren, and Karina Smagalski as a band of adventures with Austin Smagalski as the campaign's Dungeon Master and campaign-writer. 


We regret to announce that Dangertown is currently on hiatus. To our loyal listeners and those who are just finding us, we are hoping to have some exciting announcements for you in 2020. For the mean time, we hope you enjoyed Season 1 and you might just find some Easter eggs if you listen through a second (or tenth) time!

We want to thank Thrag the Orc for our amazing art, Jared Newman for our amazing theme song, Alee Caldwell taking on editing duties for a few of our episodes, and everyone else who helped make this show a reality.

If you're looking for a D&D show to fill the Braum-sized hole in your heart, we heartily recommend The Adventure Zone, Critical Role, or Dimension 20 (the new College Humor show that our own Noah is an editor on!). 

See you in the astral plane,

hopefully sooner than later.